What is Legal Transcription?

A legal transcription is a record of what had been said during any legal situation. This could be a written record of interviews with witnesses or clients, or simply a dictation by a lawyer about something of a legal nature. At Take Note, our expertise lies in the legal sector and we offer excellent legal transcription services.

Confidentiality is the Key

At Take Note, confidentiality is of the upmost importance to both us and our clients. So you can be sure that whatever service you choose, whatever the situation, anything and everything will be kept completely private and confidential.

Audio Transcriptions

Our system is 100% secure, meaning you can safely upload any audio files you want transcribing straight to us; making the service we provide even more efficient. Alternatively, we can send one of our highly skilled typists directly to you where they can attend your meetings and type detailed notes in whatever format you want. This service is ideal for situations like court cases, meetings and hearings.We offer various transcription services depending on how detailed you want the transcription to be and what the situation is. For example, we offer a full transcription services which can be a record of exactly what has been said word for word, including all the umms and ahhs, or we can take out all the false starts and unnecessary repetition and create a transcription that is smooth and professional. We also offer a summary transcription service that literally summarises the meeting’s events and a notes and quotes service which just outlines the basic facts.With over 200 typists, admin staff, note takers and proof-readers based up and down the country, you can be confident you will receive the highest quality transcriptions, in the quickest time and at the right price.For information on any of our services, just email us at bookings@takenotetyping.com, and you can even email us over some files and we can show you exactly what we can do.

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