Four things you must add when posting video content

If video content is going to continue wearing the captain’s cap this year, then you’re going to want to butter up it’s side-kick transcription and employ it for all it’s talents if you want your video to step up a notch. Below we share four ‘extras’ you’ll want to include with your wonderful video content.

1. For every video posted on the internet and shared with your followers, you’ll want a transcript added alongside.

Why? Because with the broad reach your content can potentially gain through your online platforms, you won’t want to exclude any prospective clients or consumers who may prefer to digest your content through a different medium like reading instead of listening.

2. You will want to make proper captions.

Why?  Subtitles or captions engage audiences from the start of the video – even if the viewer is without headphones or doesn’t have the sound on. For Facebook videos, use open captions (instead of closed) for video, as the captions will appear without having to activate the caption function on autoplay videos.
On YouTube, closed captions are better because they improve SEO. As YouTube is owned by Google, it is the only video content site where video captions are indexed by search engines.

3. Once you have a transcript, you’ll want to make use of its time-codes.

Why? If you are making your video really work for its dinner, you’ll be using it for other types of content too, like shorter videos, presentations and social media images. Video transcripts with time-codes will allow you to read through and find the piece of content you are looking for and move quickly to it.
For editors this can shave minutes off a day, hours off a long project.
For analytics purposes, in market research and such like, these time-codes can prove invaluable for finding answers and being able to move on quickly.
time coded transcripts

4. Once you’ve gained all that from your video transcripts, you won’t want to miss the final piece of text relating to your video.

What’s that? Meta description and keywords on your video. Make sure you are adding a description over 200 words and carefully selecting your keywords to help your video be indexed and found more easily.

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