Who at Take Note’s Afraid of Heights?

Being a digital business, we don’t often get to meet up with those we work alongside, which is why we make time for the occasional team social. Here, we share some photos of a recent team adventure.

When Finance Manager Vicki and Media Co-ordinator Josh were tasked with organising the next Take Note social, they took the unorthodox step of keeping it a secret from everyone in the office, preferring instead to surprise us on the day. In the weeks before, the rumours had become more and more frenzied, as the Take Note team began to crumble under the weight of uncertainty. So tensions were running high in the Take Note office one blustery Thursday afternoon as we prepared to leave.

 Greenwich Peninsula

Team Tell Us Where We’re Going

We were lead sombrely down Borough High Street to London Bridge tube station. From there, we boarded the Jubilee Line. Eastbound. Oooooooooooh, a clue! We were lead out of the tube at North Greenwich, and soon came to a halt at the foot of the O2 arena. ‘Where now?! Where now!!?’ we screeched, much to the bemusement of Vicki and Josh, who had graciously tolerated our mounting hysteria until this point.
Well, you’ve probably already guessed the answer to our question. The only way from there was Up! And by ‘Up’ I mean, ‘Up at the O2’!!!

Team Intrepid

The first stop was a video safety briefing, during which we met our guide, Nathan. We were then kitted out with extremely snazzy boiler suits and harnesses. We unanimously agreed that overalls are the sartorial answer to all life’s problems (I’ve never felt so intrepid) and then strode boldly forth to the start of the ascent.

“Astronaut” Lucy, up there with the greats…

Top Team

A few photos ops later, and we were on our way. Notetaking co-ordinator Grace Walden was given the responsibility of leading the group, while Nathan paced back and forth, making sure no man was left behind. The actual climbing wasn’t too difficult, and just scary enough to keep you engaged. Nathan did a great job making us feel safe and well looked after at all times. Even the members of the team who are afraid of heights (no names) agreed they enjoyed themselves!

We promise that’s not Rachael on her phone, she was just checking the happiness monitor. It was sky high…

We then had a chance to wander around at the ‘summit’ of the O2, take pictures and enjoy the fantastic view.

Team Bond

Once we started our descent, Nathan shared some fascinating insights into the filming of ‘that scene’ at the start of The World is Not Enough where James Bond drives the speedboat down the River Thames and then ends up rolling down the side of the O2.

Team Take Off Your Overalls Or You’ll Have to Pay for Them

Finally, back safely on the ground, we picked up our belongings, grudgingly returned our beloved overalls, and were off on our way.
Whether you’re a tourist in London or you’ve lived here for years, I would recommend Up at the O2. It was an exhilarating experience and unique way to see London from a whole new perspective.

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