Typing Race Game

Time for a little bit of fun and so let’s start by posing the question: Have you ever… wondered how fast your brain can take your fingers over the keyboard? Of course you have, so try our typing race game!

Well the Grand Prix of typing is here in our very own sponsored typing race game. Excited? By clicking on the button below, you can enter into a race or, if you are really keen, sign up for an account to get your name in lights against some of the Take Note elite. We’ll be checking regularly to see which of our clients are as fast as our transcribers! Just a word of warning that comes with the game in that you need to correct your mistakes as you go along, the game will not let you proceed onto the next letter if you have mis-typed it.

Image of Take Note Typing Race Game


Click here to launch the typing game

Do you love to type? Well, so do we, and the even better news is that we’re always on the lookout for like-minded folk to join our amazing team. So step this way, into the wonderful world of our online Take Note Academy to see if you’ve got what it takes to become one of our very own superstar transcribers. You will be trained, tested and then assessed on an individual basis to check that you’re right for us, and, more importantly, that we’re right for you.

Average scores in the office look something like this:
B: 72 / Ness: 72 / Grace W: 100 / Grace B: 109 / Cat: 83 / Josh: 115 / Tom: 69 / Tommy: 60 / Vicki: 65

Check out this video of the current record holder Sean Wrona doing his thang:

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