TV & Film Transcription

Our TV & Film transcription services, include bespoke timecoded post-production scripts, subtitles, captions and translation.
Our transcripts provide easy references for editing footage, extracting vital soundbites, submitting to broadcaster and preparing for international distribution. We timecode every new speaker and every 30 seconds throughout. Transcripts can be timecoded to match BITCs and all speakers are identified.
We also produce Subtitles & Closed Captions in a wide range of formats from as low as £0.80 per minute.
We also offer translation or non-English TV & film transcription for those programmes filmed further afield. We provide post-production transcripts to fit all major broadcaster guidelines, with music cues, sound effect cues, captions, on-screen text and lower thirds included. Our text element lists can pull all of these out into a separate document for ease of reference. We can also provide continuity scripts with visual descriptions of the on-screen action. These can also be translated, ready for your production’s global domination!
We have been proud sponsors of the PMA (Production Managers Association) since 2013.
  • Timecodes:  We produce accurate timecoded transcripts quickly and accurately to help your edit go smoothly.
  • Post-production:  We type post-production TV & film transcripts in a variety of styles suitable for broadcaster submission.
  • Turnarounds:  You choose how soon you need your transcripts: Same day, overnight, 24hr, 48hr and 7 day options are available.
  • Fixed rates:  We have fixed hourly rates based on footage/programme length, not word count, so there are no surprises at invoicing time.
  • Captions (standard):  These are most suitable for SEO, YouTube, Ooyala, Vimeo etc. and especially for large media archives and searchable video databases. They are our most popular form of caption due to the high level of quality yet low price (from £1.50 per min). However if you need the on-screen display to be perfect, our premium captions might be what you need. Formats: SubRip (.srt), XML (.xml), ctm, .stm, vtt.
  • Premium captions:  Our premium “broadcast” captions are edited by a specialist to ensure the on-screen display is perfect or to add closed captions; they can be customised to your needs. These are usually the preferred form of our media and TV production clients, but many have now moved to our standard captions as the benefits that come with the extra costs are not always necessary. Formats: SubRip (.srt), XML (.xml), ctm, .stm, vtt.
  • File types:  We are seasoned techies in TV & film transcription, equipped to handle all kinds of files and footage.
  • Membership:  We are sponsors of the PMA and offer an introductory discount for members.
  • Offers:  We offer bulk discounts for large productions or series.
  • Additional services:  We can provide translations, text element lists, script proofreading and subtitling services.
  • Office support:  We have TV & film transcription co-ordinators on hand, out of hours, in the evening and over the weekend.
  • Contact us:  We are on or 0207 928 1048
“After recently using Take Note I found the service to be of a high standard at a very competitive price. Considering the last minute notice I gave to Josh and the team, I was pleasantly surprised to find the turnaround time for this service was quick enough to match my demand and the quality was unaffected by the time restriction.”
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