Speech to Text

  • Turn audio and video into searchable text
  • Computer generated and/or human edited transcripts
  • Transcript data easily produced for free
  • Manual review required for accuracy

Ready to save on cost, and embrace technology?! Run your media through our transcription machine in minutes.*

Whilst software is not yet reliable enough on its own to fully convert speech to audio without the need for some form of human intervention to proofread and edit it, for some types of media it is worth the cost saving for the reduced accuracy. For best results we would suggest one speaker clear audio and good recording. *Audio must be clear enough for text alignment to work.

Manual transcription will deliver a 99% accuracy rate. Using automated software can produce results ranging from about 50%-90% which is why is it good to pick your audio wisely. For focus groups we can safely say that it is not yet advanced enough, but for dictation or clearly recorded interviews, why not give it a go. You can always use one of many fully trained editors to clean it up afterwards.

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How it works?

You upload
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You choose
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We type
...using our team of skilled UK
typists and software combined
You relax
...we take care of it and drop the
finished file in your inbox

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Have used is previously for notetaking, and was very, VERY happy.
They almost never have any need for notetaking or transcription but those were extraordinary circumstances. Rose was impressed by Grace W that she has already added us to their internal list of suppliers, specialists and experts.
Rose Farrel - Veale Wasbrough Vizards

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Cost Effective Audio Transcription Services

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Five ways transcripts or captions improve your SEO

1. Increases search traffic to your site Like most eager marketers, you want to give your Read more

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