The Good Stuff Ain’t Cheap, Yo!

I was only a few paces down the well-trodden path to price match guaranteedom (sic) when my honesty recently got the better of me.

‘You get what you pay for’, I confessed, rather off-script.

‘Although cost is more often than not the deciding factor in choosing suppliers, there’s no such thing as a free lunch (even an out-of-date Tesco Value egg sandwich costs £2). And while our rates are not far off our cheapest competitors, the 2014 version of Take Note is well worth the extra pennies per minute’, I explained.
So I sit here now, as I did then, with the confidence to assure our audience (thanks for reading) that the Take Note package is certainly worth investing in, for now and for the future:
1. Service
The Take Note service has always been our raison d’etre. Customer service and satisfaction (see testimonials) is at the forefront of what we do, with our hearts set on a mantra to be consistently brilliant in everything that we do. Over the years, this has seen us going above and beyond the call of duty and secured us our loyal client base. Large projects (we have over 300 transcribers) are handled without a second thought and often turned around ahead of schedule. It’s all part of the service.
2. Technology
Gone are the days of operating out of an excel spreadsheet, emails and a third party file transfer engine. The past 18 months has seen us develop the Take Note Portal. As one of our clients, you are provided with a log-in to our bespoke system where you can create your own jobs, upload files & supporting documents, track costs, track progress, store your files and manage invoices. This is a new level of efficiency and organisation. No more trawling through your inbox looking for past transcripts or wondering which folders you have filed everything in. This is an amazing bit of technology that brings us and our clients in line with today’s increasingly high standards for online business.
3. Security
In today’s world confidentiality and the handling of data needs to be tip top. Our custom made portal has been built with triple level encryption akin to internet banking.
By using Take Note we take the worry away and you can now sleep easy at night knowing that the means and methods that you are transferring your documents and data is second to Fort Knox.
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