Tom Hanks has written a collection of 17 tales, all themed around his passion for typewriters

It is celebrated knowledge that Tom Hanks collects typewriters. We love him for it. In between his other commitments, he has written a book of short fiction: 17 tales all with a running theme around typewriters. Hanks or T.Hanks as we like to think of him, has over one hundred typewriters that he has collected over the years. Enough to fill our office I’d say! I know you too are wondering, with the product being nearly obsolete, how does he fix his typewriters when they need repairing? Well, you’ll be pleased to know, there are in fact a few typewriter companies in the U.S including Gramercy Typewriters who do exactly that, fix Tom’s typewriters. You can read about them here.

Tom Hanks. Photograph Tommaso Boddi/ WireImage

The book, a work in progress since 2014, will be published in the UK in October.

Information taken from Tom Hanks to publish first book, Uncommon Type: Some Stories