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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Please rate us on Google and write a brief description of your experience with us 👍 Thank you! ★★★★★The Research HouseI love working with their team! They reply to any queries very quickly. They are thorough with their transcripts and have never heard any complaints from our clients regarding their note takers. They are also very dependable for last minute requests and always try to accommodate us.MagnumTV
Take Note were efficient, quick with any orders sent. The transcripts are sent through via email  as they were completed for easy access. Also having access to all  transcripts , via the Take Note Portal is brilliant. Josh our coordinator kept us in the loop  about our order, as the transcripts were coming through and was always on hand to help.
The Law Society
As you know we were very happy with the transcripts you have done for us.  The typed up text came back in good condition, and the availability of transcribers at short notice on one occasion was very welcome. You and your colleagues are great to deal with and the IT side worked well – both drop box and the extranet.  Where lawyers strayed into technical areas, the transcript stayed accurate, which is not always easy.
Hazel Haskayne, Market Research
I have used them recently and I can’t say enough good things about them.  They have a 24/7 service which means good turn around times.  They are very open and attentive in terms of keeping in contact and (most importantly), they have kept the values of true verbatim transcribing.
Sharon James, Market Research
You girls give Charlie’s Angels a run for their money!
Lisa Kabouridis, Market Research
I just had a look through the notes and have to say that I am very impressed.  They are more comprehensive than I could have imagined and I am indebted to Dan for making my job so much easier.  It looks like I will not have to go back to the recordings at all, which is great.  Dan was an absolute pleasure to work with and I appreciate him putting up with our gruelling schedule.  Thank you for getting the notes to me quickly.
Olivia Harrington, Education
We are absolutely delighted that we have found Take Note – it’s a huge relief to be able to trust that all transcription work will be handled professionally, accurately, on time and with great personal service. It’s one less thing to worry about. All our queries and last minute deadlines are met with lightning speed and a reassuring, calm and capable attitude.  You always say yes, and you always deliver – thank you.
Liberty Ilot, Market Research
As a qualitative marketing research agency, we frequently carry out focus groups in the London area and are always in need of good notetakers. In our line of work, the notes taken during these groups are crucial, as they constitute the raw material that we will later analyse to write up our report. Until now, we’ve always had to rely on notetakers provided by the various facilities where our focus groups are held, and you never quite know who you’re going to get. With Take Note we finally have one reliable point of contact; a company specialised in notetaking, who …
Sunita Bhabra, Market Research
Reliable, clear, fast and efficient are just some of the words I would use to describe the Take Note team. I have been regularly using their transcription and notes service for the last 4 years and have never been left disappointed. I always see Kirsty and team as an extension of my team and would recommend them without reservation.
Leila Hewitt, Market Research
Thanks so much, you’re amazingly helpful as ever.
Jane Oakley, Market Research
Many thanks again for your efficient and professional service.
Louise Affleck, Market Research
Fantastic – this is great service!!
Niki Mimoni, Market Research
Many thanks. As ever, we are impressed with your speedy and professional service!
Drago Djourov, Market Research
My name is Drago and I am writing to you from Tokyo. My colleague from our London office has referred me to you. He has recommended you for the high quality and cost consciousness of your transcription services.
Lucy Murphy, Sports
I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your team’s efforts last month, the turnaround of the transcripts is always super efficient, and January was no exception, even with the amount that I sent over.
Charles Bentley, Education
Excellent – very well done, very few inaccuracies, and couldn’t ask for a more prompt service. Thank you very much. Regards and congratulations.
Adel Scholfield, Charity
I’ve been very impressed with how quickly you’re turning these transcripts around – it’s a very efficient service!
Lucy Maxwell, Market Research
Just to say that our client was really impressed with your notetaker on Tuesday. She said he took down loads of information, it all made sense and he was really nice. So thanks for that!
Martin Hollis, Market Research
I just want to say that this is exactly what I need!  Keep up the good work!
Daniel Clay, Education
Can I please say a huge thank you to you and your team for pulling these together in such a prompt fashion – it is greatly appreciated.
Myles Thomas, Market Research
Take Note are a revelation… we’re delighted to have discovered them. Their client servicing skills are exemplary, they are always willing to help and are responsive to our needs when timings are at their tightest. The quality of notes is good and has helped transform our ability to conduct thorough and thoughtful analysis quickly and efficiently.
Laura Dodsworth, Market Research
I just wanted to say that your notetaker was really top notch. The notes are incredibly thorough and it feels like she’s captured all of the important parts of the conversation.
Gemma Stokes, Market Research
I just wanted to say thank you for providing us with such an excellent notetaker. She was a delight to work with and not only are her notes great, but she was professional, cheerful and lovely to work with throughout the two days. She is a real credit to Take Note. So thank you for sending her along, we really appreciate it.
Take Note Team Members
“You are a great team to work with and have a consistently cheery attitude.” “It is a very flexible position and a really useful part-time role for me.  As a writer/student, it works well with other commitments.” “You are always fun and friendly and easy to get in touch with.” “It’s a pleasure to work for you. Thanks for all your support!” “Aesthetically, Take Note is a great company. I was impressed from the minute I found the website.  Beautifully presented. Great people.”
Rachael Orgueil, Market Research
I second everything that Myles said. I’ll also add that you are can-do, friendly, majorly efficient, accommodating and a general pleasure to work with. Blushing to your roots yet?
Chloe Fowler, Market Research
Vanessa and Rebecca started the company a few years ago and in my opinion are the best transcribing company I’ve used. The work comes through really fast and is totally error free. Their transcribers are intuitive and intelligent – it’s not just mindless typing. But beyond that, I think Take Note are one of those companies to watch. They’re young, totally switched on and really up for knowing as much about research as possible. Highly recommended!

Please rate us on Google and write a brief description of your experience with us.

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