Take Note Lunch Menu 2017

The Lorna: chicken and stuffing sarnies on nice crusty bread.

Caroline’s Squidgy Sandwich: A slice of bread, a thick layer of garlic mayo instead of butter, a couple of slices of garlic sausage, some really strong cheddar and then a thick layer of hummus on the top slice of bread instead of butter.

The Emma: Probably not one you can do in the office, but my ultimate favourite is the sausage and egg croissant (photo attached). So messy, but Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

The Rachel: Poached egg, wilted spinach with a bit of nutmeg, and hollandaise sauce on a nice slice of soft brown or wholemeal bread. If you can’t deal with egg dribble, make it scrambled egg instead. Nom. nom. nom.

The Tanya: Wholemeal baguette, proper butter, medium cheddar, salad, sliced egg and a tiny bit of mayo. Or switch out the sliced egg for avocado and drizzle a bit of balsamic on it.

The Ruth Classic: Halloumi (lightly grilled), tzatziki, chopped fresh chillies, rocket, chorizo optional (for the meat eaters). All in a toasted ciabatta. We call it the El Classico (don’t know why).

The Jenkins Triple: Mushrooms and humus. Chickpeas, sweetcorn and kidney beans with mayo in a pitta (No, really. Trust me!). Cheese and banana toastie (the sweet/savoury thing, mmmm.) Avocado and tomato.

The Princess Charlotte: It was served on a toasted triangular roll but the bread isn’t essential, I mean, as long as you get a nice bread that you’re happy to eat it off then you’re fine. There was red pesto, feta cheese and thinly sliced chorizo in there, and it was bloody lovely. But again, it must be warm because cold I fear it wouldn’t be as much fun (for me it’s been proper party in the mouth territory but I appreciate I’m not exactly sophisticated!).

The Not So Harrison Ford: First you need some excellent bread. None of your supermarket sliced rubbish, go get a fresh seeded loaf from your local bakery with a crunchy crust and a soft inside. Get them to slice it so that it is perfect. Butter it, or in my case vegan-margarine it. This is important to avoid gooeyness. Then put a thin layer of hummus on each slice of bread. Next comes the fresh spinach leaves (trim the stem bits or they’ll poke up your nose when you try to eat the sandwich). They need to be properly fresh or you won’t get the snap-crunch feeling when you bite through them. Slices of beautifully ripe avocado next, with some black pepper sprinkled over them, and finish the whole thing off with some cherry tomatoes, cut in half so they don’t roll out.

The Barking Mad: My favourite bread meal is this: you have some kind of soft white roll thing. You scoop out the middle and replace it with chicken masala or chickpea dal and kind of close it up again. Then you DIP THE WHOLE THING IN GRAM FLOUR AND DEEP FRY IT. Yes my friends, the whole thing is encased in this spiced pakora batter type coating and then deep the f#*% fried. Some genius in a restaurant I went to in Cape Town once invented it.

The Porters: My absolute favourite sandwich has to be left-over roast dinner sandwich. With roast chicken, stuffing, mustard, roast parsnips, cranberry sauce any other bits and bobs left over. The only problem with that is that you can only eat them on Monday (and maybe Tuesday if you’re really lucky and no-one else has raided the fridge). I also like a cheese and baked beans sandwich, but the bread has to be toasted first too, otherwise it gets a bit soggsville, and then the all-time classic brie and crispy bacon.

The Susans: Definitely salmon and cream cheese. Or failing that, ham, cheese, pickle, lettuce and mayo!