Live Notetaking

  • Professional, discreet notetakers attend your discussion
  • Typing on their own laptop at 100 WPM
  • Rough draft available immediately after
  • 8-12 pages per hour

Take Note’s Elite LIVE Notetaking Division.

Our notetakers are knowledgeable, professional, discreet and SUPER FAST at typing. On arriving at your destination (20 minutes early), readied with their own equipment, they’ll type a detailed transcript of what is being discussed as it happens. First draft will be available immediately, with an edited and checked version with you first thing the following morning.

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Professionalism: We send punctual, suitably dressed, Take Note trained, 100+ WPM notetakers to your site. They arrive 20 minutes early, with their own laptops and are ready to type.

Detail: We train our notetakers to type ‘near-verbatim’; lengthy, readable transcripts containing all the rich information in full sentences with speaker identification. 8-12 pages per hour.

Impartiality: We are an independent company. Our notetakers provide impartial and fair records of contributions from all speakers in attendance.

Confidentiality: We have non-disclosure agreements with all of our notetakers as standard, and are happy to consider any bespoke NDAs you might need to be in place.

Availability: We have notetakers situated around the country – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Edinburgh and beyond, including travel to Europe.

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Two tiers of note taker typing from

100 WPM

Market Research or Corporate Services

*Pay per hour for the time onsite, additional travel expenses may apply

How does it work?

You upload our secure
online portal
You choose
...your transcript type and
delivery time
We type
...using our team of skilled UK
typists and software combined
You relax
...we take care of it and drop the
finished file in your inbox

Trusted by the World's leading businesses

Have used is previously for notetaking, and was very, VERY happy.
They almost never have any need for notetaking or transcription but those were extraordinary circumstances. Rose was impressed by Grace W that she has already added us to their internal list of suppliers, specialists and experts.
Rose Farrel - Veale Wasbrough Vizards

Don’t take our word for it

The Benefits of Market Research Transcription

In this current economic climate it’s more important than ever for companies to be the best they can be, every industry is an extremely competitive place to be and businesses have to work hard to stand out in the crowd. Many companies have realised that the key to success is market research and lots of … Read more… The Benefits of Market Research Transcription

4 Ways a Take Note Notetaker Takes Better Notes Than You Do

1. No distractions They are not required to do anything else. If you take notes in your own meetings you are constantly planning in your head what you need to say next, or pondering over what someone else has said. Our notetakers type in real time and dedicated to only listening and retyping every relevant … Read more… 4 Ways a Take Note Notetaker Takes Better Notes Than You Do

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