Intelligent Verbatim

Take Note’s Intelligent Verbatim transcript is the #1 service for anyone looking for a written replica of their audio or video file.
Also know as “Clean Verbatim”, as repetitions, false starts, umms & ahhs removed giving you a word-for-word clean read of your audio. READ MORE…
Take Note are a revelation… we’re delighted to have discovered them. Their client servicing skills are exemplary, they are always willing to help and are responsive to our needs when timings are at their tightest. The quality of notes is good and has helped transform our ability to conduct thorough and thoughtful analysis quickly and efficiently.
Myles Thomas, Market Research
As you know we had a crazy busy period but you guys were brilliant throughout, we were really happy with everything sent over.
Sophie Harmer – Flatcreek Films

Full Verbatim

Do you need a full account of exactly what was said, with no detail spared?
If so, you need our Full Verbatim transcription service. Word for word transcription. A carbon copy, including all umms, ahhs and repetition. Male/female differentiation and 10 min timecodes as standard. READ MORE…

Legal, HR & Financial

Impartial, discreet, secure and ISO certified.
We have extensive experience producing legal and executive transcripts from audio, and a team of elite, real-time notetakers on hand to attend your meeting or conference in person, for when recording is not an option. Whether it’s a disciplinary hearing, a witness statement, or an annual financial review, we’ll always provide accurate transcription and summary services, tailored to your requirements. Read more about Legal, HR & Financial
Really fantastic. Thank you very much for turning them around so quickly! I was really impressed with the accuracy.
Zoe – Firefly
Thanks for processing this transcript so quickly, much appreciated!
Lauren Docampo – Big Sofa

Video transcripts

Searchable video is now at the forefront of media publisher’s minds. If it is not on your agenda, it needs to be. Your videos need to be searchable, SEO friendly and compliant with accessibility requirements if you want people to find them in the first place, let alone take note of them. Having word-for-word subtitles behind your videos allows your target audience to land on your video by searching any term that appears within the dialogue.
We all know Google Results page 2 is the best place to hide a dead body. Read more about Video transcripts


Notetaking & Minutes

Welcome to Take Note’s LIVE notetaking divison. Home of the elite.
Fast (80+ wpm). Instant (available immediately). Accurate (see for yourself). For the times when you require an absolutely instant service or it’s a sensitive meeting or hearing where audio recording is prohibited. Using one of our experienced notetakers ensures an accurate record of proceedings is taken. This is typing at its best, and you have got to see it to believe it. Read more about Notetaking & Minutes
Wow. Many thanks to you and Ed for turning these around so quickly – it will really help my client.
Lindsey – Lighthouse Qual
I should also have added my thanks for all the work that Take Note have done for us this year. I think we’ve thrown some fairly technical stuff your way, so please pass our regards onto your transcribers.


We have a secure REST API that enables you to plug your system into ours so your files can be automatically uploaded to our system and the resulting transcriptions will appear back in yours. Pretty cool, huh? Read more.