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Are you our Typing Superhero?
Typing Superhero Flexible work to fit around your life, paid at £15+ per hour
  • Can you type at 80+ words per minute? (We like you!)
  • Do you have your own laptop? (We like you a lot!)
  • Are you punctual, professional and friendly? (A WHOLE lot!)
  • Is your English grammar & spelling top-notch? (Oh my, we’re in love!)
  • Do you own a cape?
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So who is your new-found admirer? We are Take Note , a long-established and respected notetaking and transcription company.  We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking business, always making sure we are ahead of the most recent technology, making sure we’re at the top of our game; providing the best service for our clients, and the best job for our typing force.  We sound great, right?  (We are!)We’re now looking for some amazing new superheroes to join our team.  Smart, professional superheroes who just love to type accurately and quickly, all the while getting paid for it.  We need these typing superheroes to notetake at focus groups, meetings, and all manner of corporate shindigs in London, Birmingham, Manchester – and in big cities all the way from Edinburgh down to Portsmouth.Why not go and test that speed of yours and see just how super you are?   We think is a great place to start.  If you’re typing at a speed of 80wpm or more on there, then please send us a screenshot of your typing speed along with a copy your CV to using the email subject ‘Facebook Ad: Your City Notetaker’ and we’ll be in touch just as soon as we’ve returned from our latest superhero mission.If you aren’t quite hitting the dizzy heights of 80wpm, then please don’t be sad because we’re looking for home-based audio transcribers too.   We really are the gift that keeps on giving, aren’t we?  To find out more about the home-based role and to begin your application, please visit, and let the magic happen.Must go, our people need us!   Will hopefully meet again on the other side.   Good luck!
“Take Note Ltd are an absolutely brilliant company to work for, and based on the feedback also a great company to get your audio transcribed by! I’m one of the transcribers and I can honestly say I’ve never met a nicer group of hardworking people anywhere else. They go out of their way to help and are so professional but also so friendly at the same time. Although it’s nearly all remote work it does feel like a close-knit community. I’ve recommended them to many friends and even some businesses who may need them in the future.”
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