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Are you our Typing Superhero?

Typing Superhero Flexible work to fit around your life, paid at £15+ per hour
  • Can you type at 80+ words per minute? (We like you!)
  • Do you have your own laptop? (We like you a lot!)
  • Are you punctual, professional and friendly? (A WHOLE lot!)
  • Is your English grammar & spelling top-notch? (Oh my, we’re in love!)
  • Do you own a cape?
Email us!  You will find love on
Fast Typists Wanted for Flexible Typing Work £14-£25 per hour Flexible work. Around london. Around your life.
Take on ad-hoc work around London.  Pick and choose which meetings you’d like to work at. We provide notetakers for hundreds of meetings and focus groups per week so you can pick and choose which ones work with your schedule.
Gain professional experience with thousands of companies around the city.
Whether you’re looking for work around your studies, around your family life or around other part-time work, you can supplement your income with typing work around the city.
Option for Travel Expenses Paid Late finishing bookings or bookings outside of Zone 4 are often compensated.
What do I need to qualify?  Typing Speed over 80 wpm Own a laptop Fluent Engish speaker with excellent spelling and grammar
Take a screenshot of your score on this test (if you get over 80 WPM) and send it to with your CV to apply.
This work is self-employed, so if you’re a UK or EEA resident, you will need to register as such with HMRC if you are successful.
For more information on self-employment and what it means, visit HMRC’s official website at
“Take Note Ltd are an absolutely brilliant company to work for, and based on the feedback also a great company to get your audio transcribed by! I’m one of the transcribers and I can honestly say I’ve never met a nicer group of hardworking people anywhere else. They go out of their way to help and are so professional but also so friendly at the same time. Although it’s nearly all remote work it does feel like a close-knit community. I’ve recommended them to many friends and even some businesses who may need them in the future.”
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