The Marketing Society’s 24 Hour Global Conversation

In partnership with Bloomberg Media and The Marketing Society, we supported the development of the second 24 Hour Global Conversation.

The Marketing Society’s 24 Hour Global Conversation takes the temperature of leading marketers around the world. Conducted over 24 hours at the end of 2015 by Bloomberg Media for The Marketing Society, they telephoned 26 marketing leaders from the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the U.S.

the marketing society 24 hour conversation

The 26 members were asked:

“What is the greatest opportunity and challenge for your business in 2016? How are you going to take it beyond business as usual?”

Five key trends are emerging:
  1. The ongoing digital transformation
  2. The importance of cyber security
  3. The collaborative economy
  4. The age of customer-centricity
  5. The talent hunt continues