Market research transcription

It was 2006 and handwritten scribble was all the rage, until a moderator first witnessed us ditch the pen and paper in favour of a laptop during a focus group. To their amazement, our lightning-fast typing speeds meant 20 pages of typed, formatted notes were ready straight after the group, and they were able to begin their analysis IMMEDIATELY.  A ‘game-changer’, they called it, and we’ve been offering market research transcription services ever since.
We learnt our craft in the world of market research. That’s why insight professionals have been coming to us for their transcriptions for almost 10 years. Raised on a diet of fast-paced, high octane, multi-speaker focus groups, we’ve had the best training in town. So whether you want a live notetaker attending your fieldwork in person, or transcription from audio/video, we’ll provide the service to suit your market research project.
Our Founder Director, Vanessa, has been a Board Member of the Association of Qualitative Research for the past 7 years, with Morgan, our Head of Client Relations helping the AQR on numerous behind the scenes projects, both on a voluntary basis.
      • Volumes:  We have over 300 experienced transcribers working hard to ensure we can turn around large volumes overnight.
      • Turnarounds:  We deliver transcripts in 48 hours as standard. Same day, overnight, 24hr and 7 day options are also available.
      • Detail:  We can capture any level of detail required, whether you need every umm and ahh, or just top line notes.
      • Availability:  We can receive audio and video on our online portal from anywhere in the world. 24/7.
      • Security:  We have built our portal login system with SSL encryption for maximum security for your files.
      • Out of hours Support:  We have transcription co-ordinators on hand out of hours in the evening and over the weekend.
      • Contact us:  We are on or 0207 928 1048 .
“Vanessa and Rebecca started the company a few years ago and in my opinion are the best transcribing company I’ve used. The work comes through really fast and is totally effort free. Their transcribers are intuitive and intelligent – it’s not just mindless typing. But beyond that, I think Take Note are one of those companies to watch. They’re young, totally switched on and really up for knowing as much about research as possible. Highly recommended!”
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