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Welcome to Take Note’s LIVE notetaking divison. Home of the elite.
Our notetakers are knowledgeable, professional, discreet and SUPER FAST at typing. On arriving at Destination X (20 minutes early), readied with their own equipment, they’ll type detailed transcripts of what is being discussed as it happens. First drafts will be available immediately, with an edited and proofread version with you first thing the following morning.
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  • Professionalism:  We send punctual, suitably dressed, Take Note trained, 80+ WPM notetakers to your site. They arrive 20 minutes early, with their own laptops and ready to type.
  • Speed:  We make sure rough drafts of the notes are available immediately after the session, with edited and proofread copies in your inbox by 9am the following morning. Edited and proofread copy in your inbox by 9am the following morning
  • Detail:  We train our notetakers to type ‘near-verbatim’; lengthy, readable transcripts containing all the rich information in full sentences and speaker identification. 8-12 pages per hour.
  • Impartiality:  We are an independent company. Our notetakers provide impartial and fair records of contributions from all speakers in attendance.
  • Confidentiality:  We have non-disclosure agreements with all of our notetakers as standard, and are happy to consider any bespoke NDAs you might need to be in place.
  • Availability:  We have notetakers situated around the country – London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Edinburgh and beyond, including travel to Europe.
I just had a look through the notes and have to say that I am very impressed. They are more comprehensive than I could have imagined and I am indebted to Dan for making my job so much easier. It looks like I will not have to go back to recordings at all, which is great. Dan was an absolute pleasure to work with and I appriciate him putting up with our gruelling schedule. Thank you for getting the notes to me quickly.
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