Top Five Ways To Earn Money Online

Welcome. I am Lisette, a transcriber with Take Note! I also write daily blogs to show you ways to earn money online, earn Penguin points, play free games and more! Here are my top five ways to earn money on the internet, tried and personally tested and being announced in reverse order.



Working from home

This is number five for making money online.  I have two tried and tested sites I use regularly.  If you live in London, the best one is where you can sign up for free and regularly pop along to their offices for short focus groups paying £30-£200.  Never fear, if you don’t live in London, as they have online forums, telephone interviews and product tests.

The second site I use is Grass Roots Mystery Shopping. You can register with them, letting them know your preferences for geographical locations where you are able to work, whether you have your own car (as they pay petrol), and what sort of special interests you have.  It is highly addictive!


Social media competitions

Try a free trial with – this is a fantastic service and well worth the small subscription fee.  Their boast is that they try to list every competition available on Twitter.  I have won lots using their service.  My wins include a huge box of crisps, king-sized bed linen set, lip balm, gluten-free hamper, Rexel desk set, to name but a few!  As part of your subscription you also have access to Compers Haven, which lists Facebook competitions.


 Online competitions
This can be great fun and very addictive. There are many free resources such as and   However, having explored these resources thoroughly, I think the only one that you will ever need is Compers News.  It is a listings magazine, available in both paper and digital format.  They have their own online forum called Chatterbox, which becomes available upon subscription.  You can sign up for a free trial at – I won £500 recently from them.


Earn Money online

I am registered with over 70 survey panel sites and regularly make around £1200-1500 per year.  It is incredibly addictive.  My regular blog basically talks about how to get organised in lots of ways.  Here are a few sites to start you off, paying out instantly when you reach your redemption threshold:
Low redemption amount of 50 points = £2.50 PayPal.
Reach 1380 points and you can choose a £10 Amazon GC.
Reach 1050 points and you can choose £10 voucher.
Register and screen outs are paid, also only 500 points = £5.
Screen outs paid, great choices for redemption, including airmiles.


 Best work from home job

This is the number one way to earn money online.  Why?  Because of the professionalism, enthusiasm, and expertise that Take Note brings to the audio transcription industry.  I have typed for other companies, but I say without hesitation, Take Note are tops!  Of course, those of you who are already members of this elite group of dynamic typists already know this!

Take Note gets its typists excelling at turning in top transcripts on a regular basis, typists are paid via self-generated invoices and each and every typist gains a sense of pride and passion in their work, not to mention a sense of autonomy, through working with Take Note, I feel.  I am about to turn in my first self-employed tax return, and my earnings are certainly looking healthy! Thank you to the Take Note team, for having faith in me, giving me the chance to know there is working life after the voluntary redundancy I took from my full-time job and helping me to earn my own living!

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