What is a notably different transcription service?

It’s important to know the difference between a transcription service that can handle all audio and file types and one that is better suited to the simpler, everyday requests.

good transcription service

If you don’t ordinarily use transcription services, you may only need them in times of stress and urgency. You won’t always have time to thoroughly check the transcription service and it’s capabilities before using it. This can sometimes get you into trouble further down the line, when levels of accuracy, efficiency and ability to meet the deadlines will crumble under the pressure.

You want the reassurance that when you have large volumes of audio to type in a short turn-around, your transcription service is not going let you down. Here we share our video on the key elements to a great transcription service. Grab the popcorn and enjoy all 1:10 mins of it.

What’s important to you when looking for a supplier?:

Capacity: We have hundreds of typists available around the clock to type and deliver your audio files.
Experience: Our clients range from individual writers, journalists and researchers to large corporate or media organisations.
Security: Our encrypted online portal allows you to easily upload audio and access your written transcripts from wherever you are in the world.
Versatility: We offer a range of formats: word-for-word transcripts, condensed summaries & captions or subtitles for video.
 good transcription service
If you’re interested in finding out how we can work with you, please email us at bookings@takenotetyping.com. If you know what you need and have details about your audio, you can use our no-obligation quote generator

Take Note offers transcription services worldwide via our secure online portal; from video subtitles to verbatim legal documents, interviews, disciplinaries, translations and anything in between. For a quick quote, or simply some advice on time-stamped transcriptsget in touch!