Good HR Documentation – The First Line of Defence

For any employer excellent HR documentation is the key to the success of any business – it acts as ‘the first line of defence’ protecting both you and your employees. It ensures everything is up to date and that you’re 100% covered if anything ever arises from a situation that has taken place within your business whether this is a meeting, a disciplinary or simply a misunderstanding between employees.

Why Good HR Documentation is Important:

• Conduct Issues: When it comes to problems regarding the conduct of your employees its essential that any meetings or conversations are documented and placed on the employee’s file to ensure everything is logged.

• Performance Reviews: If an employee has previously had conduct issues which have not improved, you may be re-evaluating their role within the business. It’s vital that all previous conversations are fully documented as without appropriate notes you may be told that your actions are wrong or ill advised.

• Notetaking Must Be Carried Out There and Then: Notes must be taken throughout the whole meeting, conversation, review, etc. to ensure that nothing is missed out. If you were to wait weeks, days or even hours after the meeting to write your own notes there may well be vital evidence that you have forgotten.

• Legal Reasons: If an employee ever takes legal action against your company it’s absolutely paramount that all documentation is logged and filed correctly. If not, the credibility of you and your business can be called into doubt, putting your company at risk.

How Can Take Note Help?

The documentation of conduct and performance issues can be a real burden on you and simply something you don’t have the time and skills that need to be dedicated to such matters.

Here at Take Note we have a highly qualified and skilled team of notetakers that are trained in the art of taking notes. Having one of our expert notetakers on site will ensure that everything is documented efficiently and most importantly, in the correct manner.

Seeking the help of our notetakers will enable you to get on with the job in hand instead of worrying about all the documentation that comes with running a business.

If you would like further information on any of the services we have to offer please get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you ensure your HR documentation is perfect.

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