Take Note Euros Winner

TN Euros Winner Announcements are finally here.  First up, Congratulations to all the winners of the sweepstake! With Portugal winning, that means all you folk who have forenames beginning with Z will be receiving a little treat from us in due course, so well done to you!  Even more importantly than that, it’s also time to crack on with announcing who our own special winners of the season are, so get comfy and let’s start celebrating!
With lots of work being signed up for and some consistent A3 scores to boot, Mr K is our man of the match!Quote of the season: ‘A solid unsung hero!’ Congratulations Andrew!
For submitting beautiful files one after the other, and for the lovely amount of regular shifts on her calendar, Ms D is our Woman of the Match.Quote of the season: It always makes me happy if I see one of her transcripts pop up!’Congratulations Emily!
One of our longest standing proofreading perfectionists who is always there to make life a bit easier, Jane’s hands are more than ready to receive the Golden Glove.Quote of the season: ‘I don’t know where we’d be without her.’ Congratulations Jane!
We’re convinced he has the office bugged, as he’s ready for extra work while the email is still going out.  We have never known such a hoover of files, meaning this lad is more than worthy to wear that Golden Boot.
Quote of the season: ‘The man is like a machine!’  Congratulations Brad!

None of these choices were easy, but we’ve really taken into account what’s been going on over the past few weeks and some names were just red hot!  If we could award you all, we most definitely would.  We hope you’re looking forward to what Cat has in store for two weeks worth of Olympic results next month! Watch this space!