How YOU can make £1,000 before Christmas

‘Make money, save money, live the life you want’. Sounds like the dream doesn’t it? Well now is the time to make some shapes towards making it a reality.

Emma Drew, author of her own money making and advice blog has set a challenge to help you earn £1,000 before Christmas and aims it at anyone and everyone who wants to get their hustle on. She lists all the ways she makes money each month, from blogging to mystery shopping and of course audio typing.

earn money from home   emma drew earn money from home

If you’re already feeling like Christmas is too soon, then sign up to her ten week challenge. You have until 16th October before you need to make a start.

You can read more about Emma and her blog via the Daily Mail here.

And you can glean some seriously useful money earning advice via her blog as well as sign up to the challenge here. And here is Emma’s specific blog on how to go about working as a work-from-home transcriber for Take Note.

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