Business and Focus Group Transcription

When it comes to getting your team together for a workshop, meeting or focus group, the results are almost always beneficial, everybody takes something away from an enlightening and useful session. Regrettably these events are usually only applicable when the group is small and concentrated and it’s easy to be left wishing the whole company could reap the rewards of the information. Not only that but being able to go back over what happened in such meetings and gatherings is an invaluable tool in going forward with your people-focussed business. Here at Take Note, we’re the experts when it comes to focus group transcription, and our range of services is tailored to suit, impress and exceed your expectations every time!

Our service can be broken down into three main transcription solutions, that each provide a slight variation on how exactly you’d like your focus group to be recorded, leaving choice and preference completely in your hands. Choosing one of the following options will create a supremely precise and accurate log of your meeting or workshop which can then be used to pass on the most valuable information or kept for reference!

Full Transcription – The word for word solution that can contain either succinct and edited copy that dispenses with repeated sentences and needless stammering, correcting grammar and sentence structure where required, or a full scale, unaltered transcript that leaves in every vocal mannerism and captures an organic verbatim. These are particularly useful when the document is required for word-for-word quotes.

Summary Transcription – Whilst the document is still comprehensive, covering every subject touched upon, the focus remains around the answers and outcomes, with irrelevant and repetition omitted and longer sentences condensed.

Notes and Quotes – Extracting only the key information and quotes from the focus group, resulting in a sharp and readable document that summarises all relevant points and is designed to be as concise as possible given the content.

Here at Take Note, we’re proud to be an energetic new business at the very forefront of our industry, utilizing only the latest technology and cutting edge talent to comprise a team that delivers quality results guaranteed. For all your transcription and note taking requirements, you’ll find everything you need right here: 0207 928 1048.

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