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It doesn’t matter how great your content is if not everyone can access it. So if you’re wondering why you haven’t got more subscribers and heavy traffic on your site, then it might be because you’re limiting your audience by not including a transcript with your audio podcasts.
While the most obvious beneficiaries of a written transcript of your podcast or video blog are the hearing-impaired, there are many more people that might like to know what you’ve got to say without playing your podcast out loud. Those of us in quiet workplaces, for example, or those of us that value speed and would rather skim read three pages in ten minutes, than listen for an hour.
When you provide your listeners with an audio transcript, you’ll also get an SEO boost, as the transcripts are fully indexable by search engines, revealing previously inaccessible content from within the audio. Your listeners will be able to search by anything you mention in your podcast and Google will share your podcast in response. Without any written words associated with your speech it’s impossible to search by anything other than the title or a limited number of tags.
Wouldn’t it also be great to share clickable web links to what you’re talking about with your listeners/readers? This way, your audience can instantly click through to whatever it is you’re referencing in the audio – be it another website, or even referencing back to another of your previous podcasts or interviews.

Whether it’s an MP3, M4A, or another file from your iTunes account, just upload your file to our secure online portal and we can transcribe it overnight or on the same day.
Prices start at £64.60 excl. VAT per hour (£1.08 per min) for an intelligent verbatim style transcript or caption file.
Please email bookings@takenotetyping.com or call 0207 928 1048 for a quote today.
“After recently using Take Note I found the service to be of a high standard at a very competitive price. Considering the last minute notice I gave to Josh and the team, I was pleasantly surprised to find the turnaround time for this service was quick enough to match my demand and the quality was unaffected by the time restriction.”
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