Recording & Transcription Always at Hand
The Take Note app combines a simple-to-use Dictaphone with high-quality, secure transcription services delivered on time by people that care. Trusted by market researchers, HR departments, legal services, academics and corporate professionals, the Take Note app is a simple, single way to record and transcribe audio files.
Unlike other recording devices, your iPhone paired with the Take Note app makes the whole effort of transcribing your important recordings a seamless process. The app provides first class recording and sound quality, combined with an intuitive way to submit your preferred recordings to the UK based Take Note team. The team will turn around your transcription with the highest level of accuracy available, based around your timescales, and you will be able to track this progress straight from the app!
Here’s how it works: Once you’ve finished your recording, you can place a transcription order with a single tap, with options that include:
  • Detailed Notes: Transcribers will summarise questions and exclude off-topic chat
  • Verbatim: Classic word for word transcription, excluding umms and ahhhs
  • Choose turnaround: 12h – 7 day time options
  • Optional accurate timestamps: every speaker in your recording will be highlighted
Our friendly team are ready to respond to your questions should you have any along the way, and are available via Live Chat, email and even the good old fashioned telephone. Need a one off transcription? No problem, you can pay-as-you-go with your credit card. Need to charge your business? It’s quick and easy to set up a business account and pay via invoice.
The Take Note app is Free! Download and use it as much as you like — you only pay for the recordings you want transcribed. Get started today to see how powerful your recordings can become when they are transcribed!