Our REST API allows you to access any of our services from within your own systems (or mobile).
We can produce a range of formats with various levels of detail, from simple notes (.txt) to machine readable (.xml) timecoded verbatim transcripts.
If you work with APIs, you already know why they’re important. But the rest of you may well be wondering: What are APIs, and why do we care so much about them?
Our unique and disruptive set of technologies will be able to provide you with a much more cost effective solution than any other UK provider, while still maintaining very high quality of text and benefiting from the continuous improvement of speech recognition technology.
Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.
I am very impressed
I just had a look through the notes and have to say that I am very impressed. They are more comprehensive than I could have imagined and I am indebted to Dan for making my job so much easier. It looks like I will not have to go back to recordings at all, which is great. Dan was an absolute pleasure to work with and I appriciate him putting up with our gruelling schedule. Thank you for getting the notes to me quickly.
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Hello from the otherside, I must have transcribed ten thousand lines. Read all about our adventures in transcription here...