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We’re an online transcription service you can rely on. If it’s efficiency and accuracy you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Our transcripts are 99.9% accurate and on-time, guaranteed.  We embrace transcription technology, are ISO accredited, look after our typists and provide honest prices, upfront.
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Have used is previously for notetaking, and was very, VERY happy.
They almost never have any need for notetaking or transcription but those were extraordinary circumstances. Rose was impressed by Grace W that she has already added us to their internal list of suppliers, specialists and experts.
Rose Farrel – Veale Wasbrough Vizards


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Do you love to type? Well, so do we, and the even better news is that we’re always on the lookout for like-minded folk to join our amazing team. So step this way, into the wonderful world of our Take Note Academy to see if you’ve got what it takes to become one of our very own superstar transcribers.
Our fastest players
  1. SEB D
    167 wpm
  2. SOLFA C
    141 wpm
  3. CRAIG G
    132 wpm
  4. JEMMA C
    131 wpm
    125 wpm
  6. NAOMI A
    123 wpm
  7. LUCY F
    122 wpm
  8. KAREN T
    116 wpm
    115 wpm
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Does the idea of becoming an exceptional home-based transcriber sound appealing? Then why not sign up for our application process? Go to be assessed, tested and then trained on an individual basis to ensure that you have the necessary skills to to join our team and that our high standards are matched.
Try our game
Perhaps you’re thinking about podcasts or audio content and wondering how to relate your listening content to text-based SEO.
  The bottom line is SEO matters on every platform and for every type of content, including podcasts. So you need to think of ways in which to bring SEO to your audio content.
Below we share some areas, from recording to posting your podcast online, where you can apply SEO methods.
seo for podcasting text for title image
Just to go over the basics first, SEO is about organising your written content so it shows up in search engines. I am sure you knew that. But did you also know it’s not just for search engines like Google? Other websites like YouTube and iTunes also function as search engines. These two in particular, are good news for podcasters. Read more
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Tom Hanks has written a collection of 17 tales, all themed around his passion for typewriters
It is celebrated knowledge that Tom Hanks collects typewriters. We love him for it. In between his other commitments, he has written a book of short fiction: 17 tales all with a running theme around typewriters.  Read more
ABC criticised over cuts to transcription service
Australia: Disability Commissioner Alastair McEwin warns decision not to transcribe some news and current affairs programs – and save $210,000 – is a ‘backward step’ for accessibility. Read more